About Me

Hi! I’m Natalie.

I have an unwavering love of wanderlust, and as a typical millenial, I know there is more to life than the corporate ladder.

People say that life flashes before your eyes before leaving this world. Well, I’d like it to be worth watching. I think the best way of accomplishing that is giving to others outside your four walls, and knowing as much as possible from the people and places occupying our beautiful planet.

Luckily, my parents like traveling, so I’ve traveled around the Americas since little, but I got ‘serious’ about traveling once I could start saving money and traveling on my own. That’s when I was about 27 years old (let’s just say I’m a late bloomer).

I was born in Lima – Peru, same as all my family. We moved to Costa Rica when I was 12 and after 7 years we went back to Peru. I moved to Istanbul in 2016. I’m a Psychologist and I work remotely since I moved here and wouldn’t change it for the world! I looove Istanbul but the main reason why I am here is my smart, handsome, sexy Turkish boyfriend  😉

Argun and me in Cyprus

I started creating content for “Traveling Freckles” with my cell phone and a tripod. But now, Argun does a great job behind the camera, so he became a photographer and my insta-husby lol.

Traveling Freckles is all about the power of the travel industry as a force for change. As a force for good and growth. I believe that traveling opens eyes and minds, and break harmful stereotypes, as long as you let yourself learn during your trips.

I am a big fan of destinations rich in culture and heritage. You can expect to see here a lot of content regarding local customs, history, surreal destinations, and living abroad.

I’m always open to your ideas and comments! Contact me anytime at hola@travelingfreckles.com.

Cleopatra's Island